Support for Survivors 

Our team at Soundproofbox have lived-experience of abuse and the journey towards overcoming trauma. We understand that it can feel like you’re screaming inside a sound-proof box and no-one can hear you 
That’s where our name comes from. And giving everyone a voice is central to our work. With qualifications in coaching, counselling, and managing stress and anxiety, we’re here to help you regain your voice and confidence. Whether you’re looking for helpful resources, a support group, or a more personalised programme with one-on-one support from workshop leaders, we have lots of free services you can access. 

Guides, blogs and videos to support self-help 

A private Facebook Group & online support meetings. 

10 Steps to Healing – a 3-month programme. 

Want to help others? 

If you’re looking for ways you can support survivors of domestic abuse, or you can volunteer your time or expertise in other ways to help raise our voice, we’d love to hear from you. 
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