Education for life beyond the classroom 

1 in 5 children in the UK have lived with an adult perpetrating domestic abuse. 
Our creative workshops and theatre shows for schools aim to stop generational cycles of abuse. 
Through our acclaimed Red Flags format, we educate young people on how to recognise the signs of unhealthy behaviours and empower the next generation of adults to make positive relationship choices. 

Choosing the right direction 

Interactive theatre is a powerful educational tool. We engage learners by making them the narrators, giving the audience the power to call-out negative actions and challenge the storyline’s direction. 
With a range of age-appropriate shows for Year 4 and upwards, we sensitively tackle important topics and deliver effective PSHE learning on the following: 
Bullying Year 4+ 
Cyber bullying Year 6+ 
Coercive control Year 8+ 
Consent Year 9+ 
Drink spiking Year 12+ 
Each show has a duration of 1 hour 15 minutes and can be performed for up to 200 students at a time. Many schools invite us to spend a full day, either delivering shows for different year groups or providing follow-on workshops for individual classes. 

Working through conversations 

Openly tackling big topics can spark lots of questions – curiosity and strong opinions are encouraging signs that the message has landed! 
Our workshops are a great way to further explore themes and facilitate discussions, creating a safe space for students to reflect on what they’ve learnt, share their thoughts, and comfortably ask questions. 
A range of classroom resources are also available on request, to enable teachers to continue exploring topics and cement learning with teaching guides, blogs, handout sheets and questionnaires. 

Assembling inspiration 

Our inspiring talks are ideal for school assemblies! Whether you want us to raise awareness around a key social topic affecting young people across the UK, or you’re looking for real-life role models to incite courage, ambition and resilience, ask us about our engaging speakers. 
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