What We Do 

Giving social issues the stage 
Our team of directors, writers and actors have developed a unique and powerful way to educate and train on the nuances of healthy and unhealthy relationships through interactive storytelling. 
We bring live performances to your venue and immerse the audience in an unfolding narrative that encourages participation and intervention. Empowered to call-out unhealthy behaviour by waving ‘red flags’, viewers learn how to spot the early warning signs and gain a deeper understanding of social issues such as drink spiking, cyber bullying and coercive control. 
The unique mix of Saturday-night-game-show vibes with serious debate might seem unlikely but, remarkably, it works. A superbly innovative way of educating people on spotting the signs of coercive control. 
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Beyond the stage, our insightful training workshops open the floor to deeper conversations around tackling destructive behaviours and the part we can all play in changing the story – for ourselves and those around us. 
Also available for speaker events and conferences, our inspirational talks are borne from lived experience and deliver memorable lessons in overcoming challenges, building resilience, and the importance of working together to create safer, supportive communities. 
What role will you play? 

Hold out the microphone IN THE WORKPLACE 

Sometimes, for all voices to be heard, it takes others to hold out the microphone… 
Learn how to create a psychologically safe space for your employees, customers or clients with bespoke training designed to address the key social factors that impact your business and those within it. With drink spiking awareness for hospitality venues and safeguarding guidance for HR managers or those who could be working around vulnerable people, we help you spot the signs of abuse and understand how to offer support. 

Change the narrative OF YOUNG PEOPLE IN EDUCATION 

Not everyone’s story is already written - 
give young people the tools to make the right choices in their future relationships and stamp out generational cycles of abuse. 
Our range of interactive shows, workshops and talks are designed to engage, inform, and empower school children around key relationship topics such as bullying, coercive control, and consent. 


Do you have staff looking for meaningful volunteer day opportunities? Can you share your expertise with our board of directors? Do you want to support our fundraising activities? Or are you looking for innovative away-day ideas? 
There are lots of ways Soundproofbox can help your business make a difference in society by maximising the impact of your Corporate Social Responsibility policy. 

Are you a survivor of coercive control or domestic abuse? 

We turn up the volume to help survivors regain their voice. Access the resources, programmes and support to rebuild your confidence and move forward with your life. 
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